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Petition Update December 2018

It is just over 2 years since we launched our  petition to have T3

( Liothyronine) reinstated as a prescription drug, available on the NHS. During the last 2 years we have seen the number of our petition supporters climb up to over 3,200. John Woodcock our MP has also managed to raise the issues about T3 in Parliament.Vince Cable (Liberal Democrats Leader) also successfully arranged a debate about the issue in Parliament. Following on from this T3 was also debated in the House of Lords, as a result of this a new dossier has been drawn up to give the CCG’s clear guidelines on the prescribing of T3. This is a massive step forward. However there are still more issues to be debated before we have the excellent treatment that Thyroid patients require in order that they can feel well again.

If you have not signed our petition can you please consider doing so

The link for this is

There is also a national petition group; the ITT group (Improve Thyroid Treatments) is fighting for the T3 issues and also with better care for Thyroid patients. Their petition has gathered over 35,000 supporters. This group have also been successful in lobbying Parliament about the T3 issues. Please consider signing their petition as   in this country Thyroid treatments have become something of a postcode lottery. The link for the ITT petition is



Archived News

All our supporters who have been following our up-dates, will have seen that Vince Cable, Leader of the Lib Dems, secured an adjournment debate on the high cost of T3 and the CCG’s approach to it. The debate was in Parliament on the 21stMay. Vince Cable did an excellent job raising the issues about the T3 situation and showed he had certainly done lots of research beforehand.

I was disappointed with the reply Steve Brine, Parliamentary under-secretary for Health and Social Care gave.  His answer was more or less the same as he gave to John Woodcock our MP when John raised the T3 issue on the 30thApril.

The government seem happy to quote the present guidelines as an answer whenever the T3 issue is raised. Unfortunately, as we know the present guidelines don’t cover the full issues about T3. C.A.T.S. hope that now the issues about T3 have been highlighted again, the government will investigate the problem further

Our petition has almost reached the 3,000 mark, which is fantastic for a small group like C.A.T.S. However, we do still need more people to support our petition. So please if you have not already signed can you please consider doing so. C.A.T.S. wish to thank everyone who are supporting our mission to get T3 reinstated as a prescription drug available on the NHS

Our bumper summer newsletter will be out soon, so if you are not registered for our newsletters, and you would like a free copy, please let me know.

Many thanks Moyra x

Petition Update May 2018

Hi Everyone, many of our supporters have been following the posts on our Facebook page and our website, regarding our petition to get T3 reinstated as a prescription drug.

Many of you will have seen the post by Ursula Power from the ITT group. Ursula very kindly posted the link to the question John Woodcock MP was allowed to put to the house on the 30th April. John’s question was answered by Steve Brine, Parliamentary under-secretary for Health and Social Care. If you have read the post you will see that Steve Brine quoted the present guidelines to answer the question.

Put simply the guidelines are that;

  • No new patients will get T3 prescribed
  • Patients presently being prescribed T3 will be phased off T3 gradually and eventually just have T4 prescribed
  • Patients who have had T3 in the past, and have had it withdrawn, can ask their GP for a referral to an Endocrinologist. If the patient can show they have a clinical need for T3. The Endocrinologist can then write to your GP. Your GP has to put in a request to the CCG to fund the T3 for you. If your CCG is supportive of the use of T3 and they can afford the cost, you may be able to get T3 via the NHS.

As you can see the situation depends on a lot of IF’S, AND’S and BUT’S and a lot of luck as well. I recently had a discussion with John Woodcock’s office about the unfairness of the situation.

Following on from this discussion John will be interested to know if;

  • Your GP has refused to discuss T3 because they do not support the use of T3 or has told you the CCG will not support T3.
  • Your Endocrinologist will not support T3 saying that there is not enough evidence to support the use of T3
  • Your Endocrinologist supports T3 but your CCG does not
  • You have had T3 withdrawn, and are not confident to order T3 yourself, so you just use T4 but do not feel well using T4 alone

If any of the above situations have happened to you, can you please let me know. John has said he will look into this if we can show evidence to prove   patients are still struggling to get T3. We would particularly like to hear from patients in the Morecambe Bay area

Many thanks to everyone who are supporting our petition and our efforts to get T3 reinstated.

Many thanks Moyra x

Petition Update April 2018

Hello everyone, For the last 3 month’s I have been waiting for an update from John Woodcock our MP, regarding the questions I submitted to be used in one of the Prime Minister’s question sessions. On Friday I received word from John’s office that one of the questions has been sent to Parliament. I don’t have any more news about this at the moment but will post a further update as soon as I do.

Meanwhile we will continue with our fight to have T3 reinstated as a prescription drug, available to patients on the NHS. The total number of supporters for our petition now stands at 2,600. This, is a fantastic result for a small group like C.A.T.S. however we do need to increase this total. Please can everyone who have supported us so far, share this petition far and wide. Also, if you are reading this and have not signed yet, can you please consider doing so. The link for our petition is


There is also a national petition group (ITT Campaign group). This group are actively fighting to have T3 reinstated, the same as C.A.T.S are. However, this group are also fighting for better care for Thyroid patients. I am sure you will all agree that there needs to be better Thyroid care. So please support this group by signing and sharing their petition. The link for this is


Many thanks to all the wonderful people who are supporting C.A.T.S. with this mission. Without this support we could not have got this far. Since my last update some patients have told me they have seen the Endocrinologist and have had their T3 reinstated, however it is still a postcode lottery if you can get T3 or not. Take care everyone

Many thanks Moyra x


Jan 2018

Hi Everyone, I have received word from our MP John Woodcocks office that his London team, are looking into the T3 issue. I have submitted 3 questions (all T3 related) and hope that John will be able to use these questions in one of the parliamentary question debates I have no further information about this at the moment. So please keep checking our website and our Face book page for updates.

Our petition has reached the fantastic total of 2,550 but unfortunately we still need more lovely people to support us. The link for the petition is

There is also a national petition run by the ITT (Improve Thyroid  Treatment) Campaign group. This petition has only been running just over 6 months and has already reached almost 30,000 supporters. Apart from the T3 issue, this group is, also fighting for better treatment for Thyroid patients. Please help this group to get their petition to parliament. The link for this petition is

Many thanks, to everyone who have already supported these petitions. If you have not signed yet can you please consider doing so. Can you also share this update with your friends or any groups you belong to. Many thanks Moyra x


Our CCG has recently changed, patients in the South Lakes and the Furness area’s are now part of the new Morecambe Bay CCG. The T3 situation within our new CCG is that, patients who have been prescribed T3 in the past still can’t get T3 on prescription from their GP ( only T4 is available ). However if you are not happy about this you can ask your GP for a referral to the Endocrinologist for an assessment. If your assessment shows you have a clinical need for T3 you will get this on a NHS prescription (free prescription).You will need at least 2 sets of bloods done (roughly 6-8 weeks apart) before your assessment.

In the last few weeks C.A.T.S. are finding that very few patients are able to get their T3 reinstated dispite the statement from our CCG. We are also aware that patients in the new North Cumbria and North East CCG are able to now get T3 from their GP if they have been prescribed it in the past. This is a change in the ruling and only came into effect on April 1st. North Cumbria and North East CCG did comfirm this to be correct, when I contacted them

We feel that this situation is very unfair, and would like to ask everyone if they have not signed our petition, can they please consider doing so. Support for our petition now
stands at 1,220 signitures, this is wonderful however we do need more lovely people to support us in our mission to get this unsatisfactory ruling changed

Many Thanks Moyra x


Hello Everyone, Thank you to all the lovely people who have signed our petition, to get T3 reinststed as a prescription drug available on the NHS.

I can’t believe it but we have reached 1,000 supporters. I have just spoken to Michael Cassells who is working with John Woodcock our MP. Both John and Michael are activly fighting against the unfair T3 ruling.

Michael said that once we pass the 1,000 mark, John will be able to raise the issue in Parliment. To have the issue debated in Parliment we need at least 10,000 supporters. It is a very big task to get so many supporters, but one that we intend to continue with. Just to get the situation mentioned in Parliment will be a step in the right direction

It is now more important than ever to continue with our petition, as everyone will have read the announcement last week from Simon Stevens ( Chief Exec of NHS England ) who said T3 can be clinically effective but owing to the cost NHS England prefere the cheaper alternative. As everyone knows the only alternate they are going to offer is extra T4. However as we pointed out in our petition, not all Thyroid patients can convert the T4 into T3 in sufficient ammounts for their body’s needs. Patients who have no Thyroid gland, or have had Thyroid surgery due to Thyroid cancer.

Patients who have a certain group of Auto- Antibodies or a defective gene all have problems with the conversion process. If these patients do not convert properly and their T3 levels fall, they will become very ill. Some CCG’S are still providing T3 on prescription but in time all CCG’S will be following Simon Stevens guidlines