Important petition update

It is just over 2 years since we launched our petition to have T3 (Liothyronine) prescribed as a prescription drug on the NHS. During this time we have collected over 3,000 signatures to support our petition. Some of the issues raised in our petition are now being addressed by the government.

The ITT (Improve Thyroid Treatments) group also launched a petition to fight for the T3 issues and also fight for better treatment for Thyroid patients. This group have collected over 37,000 supporters. However, the group feel their petition is now outdated and they will soon be starting a new petition which will reflect on the present situation regarding T3 and other aspects of Thyroid care. The original ITT petition has now closed.  

This new petition will be run by the ITT group, but will also have the input from other organisations such as the British Thyroid Foundation, Thyroid UK, Thyroid Patients Assoc UK, C.A.T.S. are also going to be involved in this project. In view of this C.A.T.S. will also be closing their petition down. Gill and I wish to thank everyone who has supported our petition. We are now asking if you will support the new petition when it is launched.  

Please keep checking our website for details of the new petition

Many Thanks Moyra x