December 2020 Update

Thank you

C.A.T.S. wishes to say a massive big thank you to all our members, supporters and volunteers for the tremendous support we have received during this last year. The support we receive within the community is paramount in C.A.T.S. success. This year has been a difficult year for everyone and we have tried to give as much support as we could to everyone.

2020 marked the start of our 24th year of working within the community. During this time we have achieved many landmark goals. However there is still more work to do as we strive to raise the issues related to Thyroid problems.

Important information

I thought I needed to post this important information as the Corvid vaccine programme is shortly to be rolled out over Cumbria. 

I have been asked by a few members if it was safe to have the vaccine when you have Thyroid problems.

In general most patients who have the vaccine will be fine. However the news headlines recently reported that 2 NHS workers had had an anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine. Both workers were treated for this and are fine now. Both workers did have a history of having allergic reactions, so because of this C.A.T.S would like to advise patients that if they have ever had an anaphylactic reaction to foods, medication or vaccines in the past.  Please do not have the vaccine without seeking advice from your GP first

C.A.T.S are not trying to frighten people or even trying to persuade you not to have the vaccine, we just want you to be aware of the situation. The government’s advice is that anyone who has been treated for Cancer has a weakened immune system or a medical condition that requires steroid treatment. Or is prone to allergies should not have this vaccine. So if any of the above situations apply to you please seek advice about the vaccines effect on your particular situation x Moyra 

Coffee Shop Meet-ups

Sadly our programme of meetings for this year had to be cancelled due to the virus situation. However Gill and I are ready to go with the 2021 programme as soon as we are able to do so. While we are not having meetings if you find you do need a little support please contact me on 01229 869705 or e-mail:  moyramm@yahoo.co.uk

Thyroid Friends membership
Our membership continues to grow and is open to all Thyroid patients. Our
newsletters are full of useful advice and information and are an extra means of support for our members. We also support patients who are at the beginning of their Thyroid journey. So if you know anyone who might benefit from our support please tell them about C.A.T.S.?

Christmas 2020
Christmas is approaching fast and for many folk this year this won’t be a happy time as they remember the loved ones they have lost due to the virus.

Please be kind to everyone you meet. A smile or a friendly word costs nothing but can mean the world to someone who is sad or lonely
The virus situation has turned our worlds upside down. However there is hope on the horizon as news of a successful vaccine hits the headlines. Medical knowledge is improving all the time so we must look at this news as a positive step. Positive thoughts turn into positive actions.

Take care everyone and please stay safe. The C.A.T.S. team wish everyone a
lovely Christmas time and a happy and healthy 2021. X Moyra


Cumbria Advisory Thyroid Service
CATS provide support to people who suffer from Thyroid Disease.
Enabling them to become a manager of their condition.
Welcome to the C.A.T.S. website. We are a support group based in South Cumbria who have dedicated our time and personal experience to support others who suffer from Thyroid related conditions. We hope that you will find the information on this website useful. We work closely with the medical profession to provide the most up to date information for you. We also work with other organisations who can provide alternative, practical suggestions. Above all Cumbria Advisory Thyroid Service strives to turn you from a THYROID SUFFERER into a THYROID MANAGER.

CATS Office – 01229 869 705

Group Leader – 01229 869 705

CATS Co-ordinator – 01229 827 438

Any information produced by CATS is to help those suffering with Thyroid Disease.
Whilst every effort is made to provide accurate information, it is impossible to ensure that the information given is relevant to every individual. No responsibility is accepted by CATS and it is recommended and essential, that if in any doubt about your condition,you should always contact your doctor, specialist physician or surgeon to seek medical advice.